DogGo Dash Club


Danielle is one of the co-founders of DogGo Dash Club making her an “OD” (original dasher). However, running did not always come easy for her. She historically preferred other forms of exercise, everything from dance and tennis to spin classes and Bikram yoga. She has come a long way though, and will participate in this year’s United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on March 18th.

Danielle grew up in Melbourne, FL with a Golden Retriever named Max and a Maltipoo named Hershey. After graduating from the University of Florida (go Gators!) she moved to Chicago, before finally landing in Midtown Manhattan… then the East Village… then the Upper East Side… and finally Downtown Brooklyn. Not long later, she and her husband (me!) brought home an adorable Vizsla pup named Denver.


It was around that time that Danielle became determined to improve as a runner. Like many before her, she motivated herself by signing up for 5K events in the city. By making a personal commitment to finish the race without walking, she was forced to keep up with her training. Soon enough, 5Ks became 10Ks. At the same time, Denver had grown up and was in dire need of an outlet for her relentless bird dog energy. The two were a perfect match.

Having Denver as a running buddy has held me accountable and pushed me on days where I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated.

Danielle explained that because of her busy schedule, she typically runs before work in the morning. It can be especially hard in the winter months when its cold and dark outside. “Watching Denny enjoy herself takes my mind off what is sometimes a painful workout”.

Well, all of that hard work has paid off. You can catch Danielle jogging through Brooklyn Bridge Park or traversing the Manhattan Bridge. Better yet, cheer her on during the NYC Half on Sunday, March 18th.


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