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Brooklyn Heights, Manhattan Sites

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This Brooklyn Bridge Park run is one of my go-to’s. At 3.2 miles, it is perfect for the novice runner training for a 5K. That said, experienced distance athletes are also sure to enjoy it for a lighter workout with ample opportunity to extend.

The segment heading down Joralemon Street towards the water offers a steady decline, especially the closer you get to the river. Once down the hill, the elevation remains more or less constant until you hit the incline on Old Fulton Street towards Cadman Plaza.

Without a doubt, the best part of this run are the sites that it offers. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a really pleasant area, with breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, as well as the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. On a nice weekend day, the paths are sure to be packed with locals and tourists, but it usually doesn’t take away from the experience. On the return trip, you get to pass through the greenery and statues in Cadman Plaza Park.

The other bonus of this route are the piers along the river. If you’re looking to add or subtract from the overall distance, you can choose whether or not to loop around the outside of each one. Mostly devoted to athletic fields, the piers are equipped with functioning water fountains in warmer months – perfect for a quick hydration break! Cadman Plaza also has water fountains.


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