DogGo Dash Club

If you were to look up “DogGo Dasher” in the dictionary, you wouldn’t find anything. Not yet at least. But one day, there will be an elaborate definition, and without a doubt, a picture of Magda. She has been with us from the very beginning and exemplifies what it means to be a part of our community.

She was born and raised in Dix Hills, NY and was an athlete from childhood. How could she not be? The youngest of three kids, Magda has two older brothers that played every sport under the sun (one of them being me). Though she dabbled in everything, she eventually focused on her passions of soccer and running track. She went on to run Division I track at Harvard (she’s wicked smaht too) for all four years of undergrad. She stayed in Boston for medical school, and even with her busy schedule, always found time to go out for a jog or participate in a race.


The one thing that her demanding hours do not allow for, especially now as an Emergency Medicine Resident at Bellevue in Manhattan, is owning a dog. Her love for animals has made that reality hard to cope with at times. What better way to decompress after a tough 12 hour shift in the ER, than to come home to the unconditional love of your canine companion? Unfortunately, that just wouldn’t be fair until she completes her residency.

I’ve considered getting a dog a few times, but I just couldn’t rationalize it. Becoming a dasher gave me the best of both worlds. Accountability for my exercise and having a dog to run with, without the long term commitment. I even get paid for it! I figured it would be too good to be true, but it turned out to be even better.

Alas, Magda still finds sanctuary in her runs through East River Park. Now, with the launch of DogGo Dash Club, she can do so with a furry four-legged friend! She can set her own hours and set her own prices, flexibility is an invaluable commodity to her. This is what DogGo is all about: bringing together people and pooches for an experience that brightens their day, and serves as a healthy outlet for excess energy and stress. In fact, I bet it’ll say exactly that in the dictionary… one day.


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