DogGo Dash Club


Aphrodite, or “Dite” as she’s commonly called, was named after the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. If you’ve had the joy of meeting her in person, you would immediately come to understand that no other name suits her as perfectly. Her adoration for people has no bounds, as demonstrated by her persistent attempts to physically climb into your soul and explode – with love!

Adopted on Valentine’s Day in 2014 from the Animal Care Center of NYC in Manhattan, the bond between Dite and her rescuer, Lucas R, was evident from the beginning. The moment he would disappear from view, if just for a second, she would begin whining and pacing nervously. She had found her forever home, and was desperately afraid of losing the comfort and safety that came with it. That connection is stronger than ever today. Dite can sense how Lucas is feeling, be it excited, sad, or frustrated, before anybody else in the room.


Being a rescue, Dite can acclimate to any environment or activity with ease. She is a terrific running partner, fellow beach bum, and campfire companion. On annual camping trips to Lake George, NY, she casually curls up on vacant folding chairs like the humans around her to enjoy the warmth of the fire pit. Among her life’s greatest pleasures are belly rubs, food scraps, and proving that there is no such thing as an “indestructible” chew toy.

Finally, she has openly welcomed new members into their home, including Lucas’ wonderful fiance Kat C and former stray kitten Captain Jack. Together, the four of them make one heck of a pack.


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