DogGo Dash Club

This past Saturday morning, July 21st, we had our second DogGo Dash to Boris & Horton “fun run”. Though the weather has recently been all over the place, the sunny skies and East River breeze provided perfect conditions for the group that came together. It was such a pleasure getting to know all of the wonderful people and pooches that participated!


We met at the East River Park Track, by the East 6th Street entrance. As an aside, the track construction appears to be coming along nicely, as center field has already been completely resurfaced. After introductions and the compulsory group photo, we set off in two groups: one comprised of walkers on a 1.5 mile route and the second comprised of runners on a 3 mile route.

Danielle and the runners caught up to me and walkers just after we crossed the FDR at East 10th Street, on the home stretch heading towards the finish line. We arrived at Boris & Horton within just minutes of each other to celebrate our morning accomplishment with new friends.


Thank you all, humans and doggos, for joining us. Thank you Boris & Horton for hosting us once again, and serving up delicious refreshments. The feedback has been so positive that we will continue planning monthly group runs and look forward to our next adventure.


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