DogGo Dash Club

This route is one of our East Village favorites. So much so that we have used it for our monthly “fun run” on multiple occasions. It offers really nice views of the East River and Brooklyn. It is a great option for summer runs due to the cool breeze and plentiful water fountains. Best of all – it ends at Boris & Horton, an awesome dog-friendly cafe.

A good place to start is the East River Track, where construction is close to wrapping up and new turf has already been laid down. For our fun runs, we organize on the highway-side, where there are public bathrooms, a water fountain, and plenty of shade.


Head south on the highway-side path, which is nice and wide, so you can get into a great rhythm even when there are lots of people out and about. You’ll pass tennis courts, baseball fields and soccer fields, and go under the Williamsburg Bridge. After the East River Park Amphitheater, keep an eye out for Jackson Street, which is your cue to loop around to the river-side and make your way back north.


This long stretch of the route is amazing. There is nothing quite like running along the water, gazing at the Navy Yard, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint from afar with a nice breeze to help cool you off. On a nice day, it might also be the most crowded area, though never enough to stifle your stride. You’ll continue up and up until you pass your original starting point and finally cut west at East 10th, where you can cross over the FDR.


At Avenue B, take a looping detour through Tompkins Square Park, and exit out the west side on Avenue A. At this point, you’re pretty much done, so cool off with a slow jog or walk over to East 12th Street, where Boris & Horton is located. They offer great coffee, pastries, snacks, and if the mood strikes, beer. You can enjoy your well-earned refreshment in an off-leash doggo paradise – which is currently being expanded to accommodate even larger groups. The owner and staff are incredibly friendly, so be sure to say hello!


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