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George and the Concrete Jungle

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There is something truly unique about the human-canine bond. It’s the purest form of companionship and the perfect example of unconditional love. This is something to be cherished, especially in the concrete jungle that is New York. So before Ashton moved from Virginia to the big city, she was treated to the best birthday present a girl could wish for: a 4-month old spaniel named George.

Ashton & George

Ashton was no stranger to puppy parenthood. She had grown up with family dogs and even fostered them throughout college. Based on those experiences, she knew she was going to need a city-friendly dog that would be OK in an apartment while she was at work. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Ashton’s first ever dog – “Cody” – as a kid) was the perfect choice! However, she vowed not to use a breeder and instead researched and found a few rescue programs specific to Cavaliers.

The whole process took about 6 months, but when she finally met George, she knew it had been worth it. His previous owner was getting on in years and just couldn’t provide the level of care he needed. In fact, he had been living in a cardboard box from the day he was born. Now, his life was about to get much, much better!

His breed is a classic, royal British dog – so he obviously needed a name to match!


They live in the Financial District, where there is a massive dog community – many of which are pals with George. They are close to a variety of dog runs, Battery Park, and both the Hudson and East Rivers. The two go for jogs together, up to 2.5 miles at times, and frequent DBA – the dog-friendly beer garden in the East Village. George even manages to sneak a sip of brew here and there when Ashton isn’t looking! Most of all, she loves coming home from work to cuddle with him. He is the most loving, full-hearted dog in the world. Cavaliers are known for that, but she contends that his past makes it even more true with George.

He has a long nose which gives him the funniest overbite. Food and treats always fall out of his mouth and I can’t help but laugh.

Ashton found DogGo Dash Club through a daily deal on “Dig”, a dating app for people with a mutual love for pups. We can personally attest to just how loving George really is. He is a welcome source of warmth and light in a sometimes cold concrete jungle.

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