DogGo Dash Club

There are so many factors that go into choosing what kind of dog to bring home that it can make your head spin. Yet sometimes, the final decision is a matter of love at first wiggle. That was the case for Sara, who 5 years ago happened to cross Central Park paths with a Vizsla that helped make up her mind. She was instantly drawn to their unique personalities, resilient energy, versatility, and adoration for humans. They are the “velcro dog” after all!

It was also this encounter that reenforced just how much commitment it really takes to properly care for a pet, especially one as active as a pointer. At the time, Sara and her now-husband Trevor were in a long distance relationship. Though a dog would have made for the perfect companion, she responsibly decided to wait until they were ready. A self-proclaimed “nerd”, she used some of that time to extensively research the breed. Being Vizsla owners ourselves, we are not surprised that the more they read, the more they fell in love with idea of some day bringing one home. 

Two years later, Trevor made the move to the Big Apple. Better yet, he proposed to Sara and found a job where he could work from home the majority of the time. Things had fallen perfectly into place, and now adding a Vizsla to the family could become a reality. Two important decisions remained. First, where do they find their puppy? And second, what do they name him?

We are HUGE proponents of getting to know your local Vizsla club and the incredible people who run the rescues in their community. We learned SO much about the breed from them, especially about responsible puppy buying, reputable breeders, and most of all, red flags to look for.

Sara suggests always meeting breeders face to face, getting to know their adult dogs, and making sure they treat them the way you would want your future puppy treated. We couldn’t agree more, and urge everybody to take these things into consideration. It is way better to be patient and do your homework than to support an irresponsible breeder. They ultimately settled on one located in New Jersey, who took their lifestyles and preferences into consideration, and even observed them interacting with the litter before pairing them with the perfect puppy.

Now what to call this rust-colored bundle of love? Earlier that summer, Sara and Trevor were visiting one of their favorite places, Nantucket. Nearby there is a lesser known, smaller island named Tuckernut. Though chosen in advance, Tucker ended up being the ideal name for this pup – with the “nut” part coming into play whenever he gets a case of the zoomies!

Tucker has a LOT of personality!

He is the sweetest; towards humans, children, and other dogs. He is patient and tolerant, including wearing hats and coats while posing for photos and playing chase with Sara’s nephew. Crowded elevators don’t bother him, even when occupied by tantrum-throwing kids. Ready to please, Tucker loves showing off his tricks to the delight of others. Most of all, he loves Sara and Trevor. So much so that most meals end with the not-so-tiny Tucker (60 pounds!) in one of their laps.

The best place to find them is the Upper West Side, which has proven to be a great neighborhood for dog ownership. Both Central and Riverside Park are within walking distance and allow for off-leash fun during certain hours. Tucker’s favorite days include play dates with Buckley (another Vizsla in the neighborhood) and a vanilla cone from Mr. Softee.

Sara explains that living in New York City has actually forced them to be better dog owners. You always have to be on guard, whether for an unfriendly dog, an inattentive owner, or a car running a red light. They have to get up and walk him, exercise him, run him, even when they aren’t in the mood. Luckily, they came upon DogGo Dash Club in its early stages. We reached out to Mother Tucker (Sara) for help taking some amazing professional photos for the website. Then one particularly busy week, they decided to give the service a try.

Once we met his dasher, Julie, we were hooked! And so was Tucker.

Quite honestly, we’re the ones hooked on Tucker. Just like everybody else who comes in contact with him.

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