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Summer Safety

Re-posting these summer safety tips with the upcoming heat wave this weekend.

DogGo Dash Club

Summer is in full swing in New York, and we are in the middle of an intense heat wave. Despite our inclination to stay cool indoors, our doggos still need to get outside to stretch and sniff. This post is dedicated to pointing out a few of the most important things to stay safe during these hot and humid days.


Ditch the coat

The impact of proper grooming in the summer is frequently overlooked. We humans ditch our winter jackets and thermals, but dogs don’t have that luxury. If your pup has hair that needs to be cut regularly, take them to a professional groomer. Dogs with fur need to be brushed frequently, especially if you start to notice heavier than normal shedding.

Protect the pads

Once you hit the streets, ensure that the roads are not too hot. If you cannot keep your bare hand on a surface for…

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