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What do pets mean to people? When talking about his 17-year-old dog, a 91-year-old New Yorker said:

He’s the greatest anti-depressant you could imagine. He means everything to my life.

Arnold and Jade

Sadly, Arnold recently passed away, but our organization, Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS NY) worked hard to protect the relationship he had with Jade until the very end. In fact, last year alone, our nonprofit helped 243 people and their 336 pets remain together as a family.

PAWS NY strives to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers and pets in need, with a focus on helping those who are struggling to care for their pets due to health and financial obstacles, with a particular emphasis on seniors. With the help of generous partners (and an incredible network of volunteers), PAWS NY ensures that our clients and their pets are not forced to separate simply due to age, disability, or illness.  

At the core of our efforts is the Housecall Program. Through it, volunteers visit clients in their homes and help with dog walking, cat care, and other ongoing pet assistance that our clients struggle to provide on their own. We project that Housecall volunteers will conduct more than 20,000 home visits in 2019 alone. In addition, we donate pet food to those in need through our Pet Pantry, and we cover the cost of veterinary care through our Veterinary Care Program. We also provide foster care for pets when their guardians are hospitalized or facing other medical crises. Pets are family, and it’s our mission to keep families with pets together.

We are so grateful for our partnership with DogGo Dash Club and its founders, Danielle and Patrick, who have been amazing supporters and advocates for PAWS NY. In addition to fundraising as part of our United Airlines Half Marathon and Strut Your Mutt teams, Danielle and Patrick have made it possible for Dashers to donate a percentage of their dashes to PAWS NY, help raise awareness for PAWS NY via DogGo Dash Club’s monthly newsletter, and regularly promote our organization on social media. We’re honored to partner with DogGo Dash Club as we continue to help people and pets in need. For more information on PAWS NY and how you can get involved, go to  

By Rachel Herman, Founder and Executive Director, PAWS NY 

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